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    “Social Distancing” needs “Social Connecting” more than ever. Dance4Healing is supporting #mentalhealth & #physicalhealth of the community impacted by COVID-19. We are opening up our telehealth live video platform to empower you to dance from anywhere, anytime, with anyone! And we need your talent to support this important mission. Learn more at:

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    Using AI learning systems and behavior design to build a telehealth platform to unleash the healing power of music and dance. Did you know: Creative Arts Therapy improves Quality of Life by 50% and reduces pain by 59% for cancer patients! Dancing reduces the risk of dementia by 76%? Despite these published medical studies, dance is very under-utilized in healthcare, Dance4Healing is teaming up with Stanford to change that. We started with Stanford Cancer Supportive Care Program, and now setting up a clinical trial with Stanford. We’re looking for Computer Science students to join the engineering team and oversee the continued development process. A global network of leaders who champion creative arts therapy, integrative medicine, patient advocacy, and healthcare innovation. Inspired by Dance4Healing‘s founder Amy Li’s Stage IV cancer journey and the pursuit of super happiness. Stage IV {Wicked Wisdom} Media Network is an educational arm of Dance4Healing includes Stage IV Show(, Book( and Web Magazine.

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    Job description

    Dance4Healing, a Singularity University / Stanford startup, is looking for Computer Science students

    We are offering mentoring and internships for the spring quarter. This is a great opportunity to share your passion and skills, the hours are flexible.

    You will be working with a group of passionate experts with top academic performance and industry experience at Singularity University, Stanford, while helping build Stage IV {Wicked Wisdom} Media Network, an educational global media network featuring industry experts like Dr. George Church (Harvard geneticist), David Kelley (IDEO Founder), Peter Diamandis (Founder of X Prize Foundation, Singularity University, Zero Gravity, Human Longevity Inc.), etc. You will gain experience with your resume, serving underserved communities of chronic patients and the elderly.

    The Role:

    • Select platforms, plan features, define architecture and technology road map.
    • Be part of the dynamic engineering team.
    • Adopt an appropriate development methodology.
    • Estimate costs and timelines.
    • Develop software applications to integrate bio-sensors, mobile app and virtual communication platforms (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, AngularJS, WebRTC, SemanticUI, MongoDB, WordPress, Woocommerce, PrintOnDemand).
    • Build a HIPPA-compliant data server, and integrate bio-sensor data into the virtual platform.
    • Build artificial intelligence algorithms, utilizing machine learning and big data.

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    Industry: Health Care

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