Company: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Location: Cincinnati, OH 45229 (North Avondale area)


SUBFUNCTION DEFINITION: In collaboration with Staff Nurse provides direct care to a specified group of patients including patient treatments, vital signs, collecting specimens, EKG’s and catheter care and removal.ďż˝

SCOPE: Monitor patients by way of live video feed and physiologic waveforms. Follow algorithm to notify staff of urgent/emergent situations. Provide direct patient care as delegated by the nurse. Provide environmental support through unit stocking; cleaning and organizing.


  • Monitor Observation

Continuously observes and accurately recognizes actionable conditions. Reliably detects changes from patient baseline and observational changes of actual patient and reports the changes to caregiver. Utilizes algorithm in response to monitor interpretation. Document change and action taken per algorithm guidelines.

  • Communication

Promptly and effectively communicates actionable conditions or impending safety risks to RN/RT. Provides a clear and concise hand off to peers during switches in shift and at change of shift.

  • Patient Care

Perform patient care interventions as delegated by RN/RN. Assist with patient transport. Assist with room set up for admissions and room break down for discharges. Maintain adequate supplies in PPE cabinets and nurse servers. Maintain clean and organized environment following relevant guidelines.



  • High School Graduate OREquivalent AND student nurse in good standing from NLN or CCNE accreditednursing program with completion of one medical-surgical clinical rotation


  • Emergency MedTech-Basic OR Listing on the State of OH State Tested Nurse’s Aide (STNA)registry

Unique Skills:

  • InterpersonalCommunication

Effective verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills. Capable ofrelating to diverse age and demographic background

  • Improvement

Possess a willingness to learn necessary skills and knowledge and to strive forcontinuous improvement.

  • Team Work

Work effectively in teams

  • Independent Work

Ability to work both independently and under direct supervision.

  • Physical Ability

Capable of bending, lifting and standing; demonstrate physical ability toperform necessary tasks.

  • Patient Interaction

Able to provide positive age appropriate interaction, redirection, andintervention with patients at the bedside for a varying amount of time