Company: IMBA Institute of Molecular Biotechnology
Location: Wien, W


Wien, W

The Ameres lab is looking for highly motivated master student to characterize novel post-transcrioptional gene regulatory mechanisms.

We are an internationally competitive, innovative and creative research group

investigating fundamental cellular mechanisms in the regulation of gene

expression and RNA metabolism by combining genome-wide experiments with

cutting edge genetic-, molecular- and biochemical assays. We are looking for a

highly motivated and dedicated master student to work on a project aiming to

identify and characterize novel post-transcriptional gene regulatory proteins.

Post-transcriptional gene regulation has emerged as a key means to tune protein

expres-sion and aberrations therein represent a major cause of developmental

defects and diseases. Despite its emerging importance, the overall range of

post-transcriptional control, its underlying pathways and components as well as

their mechanistic interplay remain only poorly understood. To unravel the

landscape of post-transcriptional gene regulatory mechanisms we developed a

novel approach to systematically identify post-transcriptional gene regulatory

proteins in mouse embryonic stem cells. The advertised project aims to identify

and characterize putatively novel post-transcriptional gene regulatory proteins

using state of the art functional genomics, as well as classical biochemistry and

mass spectrometry. Besides gaining in-depth insight into an emerging field of

molecular biology, the project offers the opportunity to acquire a broad range of

technical skills and to learn to independently conduct a research project.

Candidates are expected to be fluent in English, have excellent communication

and inter-personal skills and to be highly motivated to become part of an

international and multi-disciplinary research group. Candidates should hold a

BSc. degree in Molecular Biology, Bio-chemistry, Cell Biology or a related field

and have laboratory experience in basic molecular, cellular and biochemical

techniques (e.g. mammalian cell-culture, molecular cloning and protein


We offer a young, dynamic and international working environment at IMBA

(Institute of Molecular Biotechnology), a world class research institute with a

strong focus on RNA biology, molecular medicine and stem cell research. IMBA is

part of the Vienna BioCenter Campus (VBC, –
career/why-work-here/), offering a highly interactive and collaborative environ-
ment with an outstanding scientific infrastructure.

Applications with a motivation letter and CV highlighting relevant theoretical

and practical background should be sent to